Friday, June 22, 2012

T-shirts from Gracie Academy Store

Bought two t-shirts for myself and two t-shirts for Randy from the Gracie Academy Store. Here are the two that I bought.

First is the submission series t-shirt.

I bought the submission series t-shirt for the gi-choke series. Now these t-shirts are really cool in that they show the technique at the front and at the back they give pointers on that particular technique. Also, you get access to a video tutorial on the featured submission on the Gracie website and I particularly wanted this video because the tutorial was on how to choke people using normal attire and not just gi.

Front view

Back view


Cost: $32 USD (not including shipping) - I give it 7/10 only because shipping costs are really high otherwise pretty affordable

Material: 100% Cotton - I give it 8/10 because it feels slightly too warm and we're in Singapore and it's a heat wave now so I really don't want something warm.

Design: I give the design 6/10. I really like the illustration at the front but I don't like the font and the layout of the text at the back.

Others: 10/10. I really like the video tutorial that is given as a bonus for buying this t-shirt. 

Overall: Overall I give it a 7/10 as a t-shirt but a 9/10 when you factor in the video it comes with.

View the shirt in store here : Submission Series 2/10 Choke

 T-shirt: Vintage Gracie vs Kimura Tee

Front View

Back view

Cost: $35 USD (not including shipping) - again I give 7/10 because it's quite affordable but not when you factor in shipping so you should try to ship multiple items together perhaps bulk order with friends.

Material: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton - I give this 9/10 because I love how light the material is and how cooling it feels. At the same time gives the shirt a very cool look about it.

Design: 8/10 - I quite like this design. It has a coolness factor about it but not so much to make me go crazy about it therefore the 8 score.

Others: No other extras for this t-shirt but it has coolness factor in that it's a historic fight.

Overall: 8/10, I like this t-shirt because of the history behind it and also the material and design are great.

View this t-shirt in the store here: Vintage Gracie vs Kimura

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