Saturday, June 16, 2012

Muay Thai class...

Recently went for a muay thai class at Evolve on Tuesday at the 4:15pm time slot. Was quite interesting to attend an afternoon lesson because the class size is HUGE compared to the early morning time slots. To accomodate the huge class there were three muay thai instructors. Learnt an interesting combo of leg block followed by knee. The muay thai instructors are really funny jokers especially kru yo. Haha... but I think I still prefer to have a smaller class size so I'll probably try to go in the morning.

Have not been going so regularly for training lately due to knee injury + cough + life is busy. Excuses I know but those are the reasons nonetheless. I have not totally revamped the website as I had previously planned but I have managed to make a logo. :)

I initially tried to make the whole thing from scratch but in the end I decided it was easier to just go with a pre-made vector template and just modify it from there. The coat of arms vector is courtesy of

The words on the coat of arms are Spiritus and Zelus meaning "spirit" and "zeal". Ok, it's latin and may seem pretentious and all but I like latin so there. I seem to attend schools that have latin mottos so I always liked the sound of latin words.

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