Friday, June 1, 2012

Break Week

Have not been to any MMA training this week. No, I'm not losing interest in MMA it's just that my knee has been acting up for some reason so I want to give it a chance to recover before getting back to training. No point overtraining and then injuring myself seriously and then end up missing months of training instead of just one week. So basically, for some reason my knee has developed a strange problem where it pops whenever I bend it and then straighten it again. After searching the internet, there are some things that it possibly might be. It could be ligament tear, but I don't really have much pain in the knee just some slight discomfort like something is tight. It is possibly some inflammation of the tissue, this is totally likely so that is why I am giving it a rest. Another thing that I read is that my muscles in my left leg might be imbalanced thus causing the knee cap to not track properly in the joint. So basically I've been using the joint care cream with glucosamine in it hopefully it helps. Also, all the running I did for training for the Sundown Marathon did not really help with the knee situation.

So since I am not training, I decided to spruce up the website a little bit. I've added in a "Submissions Achievement" tab at the top because I thought it would be fun to track what submissions I've managed to pull off and what submissions I've experienced and tapped out to. Made the same list for Randy too. Life should totally be more like a video game with achievements and all.

Also, I'll be trying to spruce up the layout tomorrow. I'm not so good with blogger layouts so we'll see how that goes. Goodnight people.

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