Friday, May 18, 2012

Training day

So I'm on my way to Evolve right now and I thought I might as well blog on the train. Got caught in a triangle for the first time on tuesday whilst doing specific training for guard passing. Man, passing guard is really hard. Also I've taken an elbow and a knee to my mouth in the past two sessions. It wasn't on purpose and it thy weren't particularly hard hits but my lips are cut up all the same. Ah, how to enjoy the wedding banquet I'm going to tonight with my lips full of ulcers and cuts. Oh well.

Also evolve schedule recently underwent some changes and now there are more beginner bjj classes to attend. Good for me. However, the mma classes now have a minimum requirement of bjj 3 stripe or muay Thai level 2. I am underqualified. I've been waiting all semester for the holidays to come so I can attend the weekend mma class and now I can't. Guess I'll have to work harder for my 3 stripe.or maybe muay Thai level 2 will be faster? I dunno.

In other news, my order from the Gracie academy store has arrived already but I've just been a bit lazy in updating so I have yet to post them here. I must say that their vintage shirt looks really good. Also, their submission series video is not only educational but highly entertaining. Keeping it real! Alright, shall blog again after today's training.

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