Monday, July 2, 2012


Just a short update here to keep things up to... date. Yeah.

So lately I've started attending more classes at Evolve. By more I refer to the variety and not the quantity. Sadly I've gone for fewer (in quantity) lessons lately because of personal commitments. Ironically I could attend lessons more frequently during the school term then I can during this long holidays. Energy and time constraints.

Anyway enough prattle, on to the lessons. Recently I attended both a wrestling lesson as well as a fightshape lesson. I must say that wrestling is pretty interesting, similar to BJJ in a sense that you have to be aware of body balance and hip placement and all that stuff. But apart from that it's really all just takedowns as far as that lesson went. Going for mainly BJJ lessons has somehow conditioned my brain to want to do BJJ moves even during wrestling. For instance, whilst in the body lock position I kept wanting to go for an osotto-gari instead. Anyway, I managed to hold my own for most of the lesson. I kept getting praised by Eddie and also my training partners but I suspect that it's more of them being nice to a newcomer than me being actually talented.

Fightshape. Fightshape was crazy. Hahaha... I must say it really pushed me quite close to my physical limit but I feel really good about it after. I must try to make more time for fightshape lessons. Kettle bell exercises plus interesting rope exercises and TRX exercises. Madness.